Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How Much Does an Interior Designer Get Paid Per Month and Per Year

Interior designer is a considerably good paid job. So, precisely, how much does an interior designer get paid per month and per year?

Pay Range

According to the data that BLS or The Bureau of Labor Statistic have, the average pay that interior designer earned is $52,810. That's the data per year per May 2011. If you also curious, the top 10 percents make a huge gap by earning more than $86,430 per year per May 2011.

How to be an Interior Designer

Interested to make that much money as an interior designer? You should at least got bachelor degree. It can be any subjects, but business owner or employer mostly prefer if you are completed coursework in interior design. Certification and license are bonus but some may required that.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Top 5 10x10 Kitchen Designs

To find a really good inspiration of 10x10 kitchen design isn't an easy job. But no worries, because today I will share my hard-to-find favorite ideas. And not just one, but multiple. In fact, I have 5 ideas for you today. Hope you'll like it.

Contemporary Kitchen by Boston Architects & Building Designers ZeroEnergy Design

The idea is to make a good looking kitchen which is match the color of entire house. The kitchen itself is pretty to look at from the dining table. Simple and clean wok best for 10x10 kitchen.

For a small kitchen, don't waste any space and insert cabinets in every corner that possible to maximize the usability.

The small one doesn't necessarily always be boring. Look, that's beautiful isn't it? This particular kitchen island work very well for small kitchen.

I love the idea of having a small hidden rack which you can store all the seasonings you could possibly have. This is the true way of maximize small spaces.

And last but definitely not least, this one looks perfect. It's ideal size, nice color combination, and also beautiful to look at. What other thing you could possibly want from a kitchen? Well so, that's the closure for this post. Stay tune to what I'll bring you next. Till then, bye.