Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How Much Does an Interior Designer Get Paid Per Month and Per Year

Interior designer is a considerably good paid job. So, precisely, how much does an interior designer get paid per month and per year?

Pay Range

According to the data that BLS or The Bureau of Labor Statistic have, the average pay that interior designer earned is $52,810. That's the data per year per May 2011. If you also curious, the top 10 percents make a huge gap by earning more than $86,430 per year per May 2011.

How to be an Interior Designer

Interested to make that much money as an interior designer? You should at least got bachelor degree. It can be any subjects, but business owner or employer mostly prefer if you are completed coursework in interior design. Certification and license are bonus but some may required that.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Top 5 10x10 Kitchen Designs

To find a really good inspiration of 10x10 kitchen design isn't an easy job. But no worries, because today I will share my hard-to-find favorite ideas. And not just one, but multiple. In fact, I have 5 ideas for you today. Hope you'll like it.

Contemporary Kitchen by Boston Architects & Building Designers ZeroEnergy Design

The idea is to make a good looking kitchen which is match the color of entire house. The kitchen itself is pretty to look at from the dining table. Simple and clean wok best for 10x10 kitchen.

For a small kitchen, don't waste any space and insert cabinets in every corner that possible to maximize the usability.

The small one doesn't necessarily always be boring. Look, that's beautiful isn't it? This particular kitchen island work very well for small kitchen.

I love the idea of having a small hidden rack which you can store all the seasonings you could possibly have. This is the true way of maximize small spaces.

And last but definitely not least, this one looks perfect. It's ideal size, nice color combination, and also beautiful to look at. What other thing you could possibly want from a kitchen? Well so, that's the closure for this post. Stay tune to what I'll bring you next. Till then, bye.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Kitchen Remodel Planner

Here are some of the best kitchen remodel planner software that I know, I hope it's useful for you whether you want to plan your new kitchen or you want to remodel your old kitchen.

#1 The first one is from Room Sketcher. They've done amazing software that can make a 3D designs like this. This is by far the best and most realistic.

Kitchen Remodel Planner

#2 The second that I like is from Google Sketch Up. It's not the easiest software to use, but it's definitely more precise when it comes to the design because you literally make everything from scratch. You can also add decoration of your choices, which can't be done using previous software. Here's what the outcome might look like.

Kitchen Remodel Planner

#3 I also like designer program from Home Styler. The 3D design looks so decent even though not as good as the one from Room Sketcher.

Kitchen Remodel Planner

#4 And last but not least, I also like Easy Planner 3D. The 3D view is so cool and you can switch back from 3D to 2D easily. It's definitely the most user friendly software that I know so far.

Kitchen Remodel Planner

That's every kitchen remodel planner or software that I know. Everything are free so make sure to check them out. Nothing to loose. And you can choose which one suits your need the most.

Get The Best Kitchen Layout & Avoid Common Mistakes

Kitchen is one place that you want to be pretty but functional at the same time. A lot of things happen in kitchen without you realized. So here's some tips to get the best kitchen layout and avoid common mistakes.

#1 Understand The Kitchen Triangle

Do you know that specialist says the sink, stove, and refrigerator are the areas where you make greatest activity around? That's why three of them called the kitchen triangle. Common mistakes are people don't give enough space to it or make it too big. The perfect size is no more than 25 feet and no less than 10 feet.

best kitchen layout

#2 Maximize Storage Space

Don't waste any space and maximize it to store your kitchen utensils. Minimize wasted space by adding shelves to any empty spaces. Don't hesitate to choose kitchen island with double function. And don't forget to install cabinet over the refrigerator.

best kitchen layout

#3 Don't Go Overboard with Design

When new stuff comes out, don't immediately buy it. Latest models, latest designs, definitely won't last long. Instead, buy something that will look trendy for a long time.

best kitchen layout

#4 Effective Recycling

The idea of recycle bin under the sink is brilliant. I personally think that this method is very effective and convenient.

best kitchen layout

#5 Decide by Yourself vs Professional

As long as you look for enough inspiration and got the basic knowledge of the best kitchen layout and design, it's completely okay to design your kitchen by yourself. If that's not the case, then why not hire a professional to properly design it for you.

best kitchen layout

Source: freshome.com

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Design a Kitchen Layout

If you're just moving home and you are about to design a kitchen layout, don't bother to use paid software. There are tons of amazing free software out there. Here are some of them.

#1 Home Styler

design a kitchen layout

This software is by far my favorite and I think the best one. It's free, easy to use, and even from 2D view you can see the texture of the floor, wall, and furnitures.

design a kitchen layout

And that's the sneak peak of the result in 3D view. Isn't that beautiful? As you can see, the floor is the exact same pattern with the one you see at 2D view.

#2 Kitchen Design Applet from Smart Pack

design a kitchen layout

This software is also cool to build a decent design. But it's a little bit more tricky to use than the one from Home Styler. The final design also less catchy, I think.

design a kitchen layout

That's the result as 3D model. It's not the best software, I think. But if you prefer to use this software, then go for it.

#3 Easy Planner 3D

design a kitchen layout

This one from Easy Planner 3D I would say as good as the Home Styler one. Easy to use, many choices of furnites and styles. Just try both so you can see which one you prefer to use since both are great. Here's how the 3D model will look like.

design a kitchen layout

That's all for today. If you find a better software to design a kitchen layout, comment below so others can see that. Till next time, bye.

Picture #1 #2 #3 #4 about.com
Pictre #5 #6 Easy Planner 3D

Kitchen Design Program

Today I will share with you some other kitchen design program that I've found. If you want more selection you can go to my previous post about online kitchen designer in here. However, today I'm not only share online tool but also some desktop ones. So, if you prefer desktop tool, this article is for you.

The first cool kitchen design program is from homestyler.com. It's free and it has anything you need to model a 3D kitchen, from furniture even to decoration. The features is super easy to use. In fact, you can design your whole kitchen just in a couple minutes.

kitchen design program

The second program is called Kitchen Design Applet by Smart Pack. It's similiar to the one from Home Styler, but a little more difficult to use.

kitchen design program

And last program that I'm gonna show you is the desktop based program. It's Google Sketch Up. With this program, you need to start your kitchen from scratch. It's so useful if you want to design more detail and advance model that the rest program can't made for you.

kitchen design program

So, that's all of the program that I know will work the best as a kitchen designer program. I hope you find it useful. Till next time, bye.

Source: About.com

Friday, February 20, 2015

Outdoor Kitchen Designs

When you're about to decided an outdoor kitchen design, you need to make sure that everything really durable and waterproof, especially the furniture. Also make sure the color doesn't easy to dull even with constant direct sunlight. Here's some ideas on outdoor kitchen designs.

outdoor kitchen designs

Outdoor kitchen doesn't need that much space as regular kitchen. So, there's not much work to just add a cover on top of it. It's a big plus if you do. It's just adding more durability.

These designs are the one that I love the most. Full of original stone so it looks very natural like you're going back to nature. And look at the surrounding. It's so forest like.

outdoor kitchen designs

Beside a regular dining area, if you want to share some time with your friend at your outdoor kitchen, you can't missed out an entertainment area. Television area or even bar area aren't bad ideas.

outdoor kitchen designs

Guests usually will moving around a lot, so make sure you got a flexible seating setup. A small chair will do. Or, if there's enough space you can have 2 different seating space.

outdoor kitchen designs

So that's all that I want to share related to outdoor kitchen designs. Feel free to ask me questions in the comments.

All images taken from onekindesign.com

Online Kitchen Designer

Yesterday I post about kitchen cabinet design tool. I felt like it's not cover all your needs enough. Like when you want to add decoration and stuff. So today, I want to properly share online kitchen designer for you. Yes, not just a kitchen cabinet designer but a proper kitchen designer tool. I found it just now in roomsketcher.com and to use it you need to create a free account first. It's okay since there's nothing to loose and it's completely free. Once you signed up to their site, you can create beautiful design like this.

online kitchen designer

free kitchen designer tool online

online kitchen designer

free kitchen designer tool online

online kitchen designer

So, what do you think? For me this one is the best online kitchen designer that I've found so far. If you want me to mention any other online tools, feel free to let me know in the comment.

Images of Kitchen Cabinets

Houzz.com is a really cool site that provides you a lot of great images of kitchen cabinets. Today I will share some of the best stuff for you. Here I have the list of my favorite kitchen cabinet.

My best color is definitely black. I want a house with many black colors in it, kitchen is no exception. Black and white kitchen is the theme that I like the most for now.

Second best color is white. I love when kitchen with a clean feeling but still have a pretty design. And the good thing about white kitchen is that you can add decoration with any other colors as much as you want.

If you want to really go for a modern looking kitchen, choose grey color palette. It's pretty cool to have a grey kitchen.

A white kitchen with a pop of lime color isn't bad either. It looks tasty to look at, isn't it? I love that the wooden table and chairs go so well with this theme.

Another tasty looking color is definitely brown. White and deep brown color surprisingly go so well together. Brown kitchen is now my second favorite.

If you love woody kitchen, this one is perfect inspiration. The design is so chic and it let so much light through. Perfect for cooking.

Another woody kitchen but this one is more colorful. I love the baby blue ceiling, it's so fun to have in the kitchen. Okay so that's all that I want to share with you today. Hope you enjoy it and got some ideas from it.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Kitchen Cabinet Design Tool

If you search it up, there are many free kitchen cabinet design tool online out there. But today I will telling you some of my favorite. My most favorite probably the one from Easy Planner 3D. This online tool give a 2D layout as a starter and you can add as many kitchen furniture or decoration in there. And then, whenever you feel like it, you can change from 2D to 3D view to see how your kitchen look like as a real 3D thing.

kitchen cabinet design tool

Here's an example of kitchen template that they give. You can't edit by adding or deleting item at the 3D view. So you should go back to 2D view to do that. The 3D view basically just a feature to check your current design.

kitchen cabinet design tool

Online software from GE Appliances also pretty handy. It's not as complicated as Easy Planner's one, but it's still pretty good. You can choose 4 different kitchen layout as a startup. And then you can begin to change the floor, countertops, cabinet, and walls to see what patterns that going to look good together. This one can not add or delete items, only change the patterns and color of them.

kitchen cabinet design tool

The design tool from IKEA is definitely my least favorite. It said there's 3D feature in it, but I can't manage to find it anywhere. But if you do, please let me know because I'm curious. This is the 2D view by the way. And one thing that I like is when you select an item, there will pe a pop-up thing that tell you how is it look like and also the price will shows up as well.

kitchen cabinet design tool

Overall, all three of those are great and very useful if you like me and you're in the middle of setting your new kitchen.