Sunday, February 22, 2015

Get The Best Kitchen Layout & Avoid Common Mistakes

Kitchen is one place that you want to be pretty but functional at the same time. A lot of things happen in kitchen without you realized. So here's some tips to get the best kitchen layout and avoid common mistakes.

#1 Understand The Kitchen Triangle

Do you know that specialist says the sink, stove, and refrigerator are the areas where you make greatest activity around? That's why three of them called the kitchen triangle. Common mistakes are people don't give enough space to it or make it too big. The perfect size is no more than 25 feet and no less than 10 feet.

best kitchen layout

#2 Maximize Storage Space

Don't waste any space and maximize it to store your kitchen utensils. Minimize wasted space by adding shelves to any empty spaces. Don't hesitate to choose kitchen island with double function. And don't forget to install cabinet over the refrigerator.

best kitchen layout

#3 Don't Go Overboard with Design

When new stuff comes out, don't immediately buy it. Latest models, latest designs, definitely won't last long. Instead, buy something that will look trendy for a long time.

best kitchen layout

#4 Effective Recycling

The idea of recycle bin under the sink is brilliant. I personally think that this method is very effective and convenient.

best kitchen layout

#5 Decide by Yourself vs Professional

As long as you look for enough inspiration and got the basic knowledge of the best kitchen layout and design, it's completely okay to design your kitchen by yourself. If that's not the case, then why not hire a professional to properly design it for you.

best kitchen layout


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