Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Harry Potter Home Decor

Even today, 8 years after the last book released and a 4 years after the movie finished, many kids as well as adult still bewitched by the charming power of Harry Potter series. If you are one of them and you are looking for the latest Harry Potter home decor, you're not alone. I gather all the coolest thing from Harry Potter home decor collection here. So sit tight and enjoy.

Here are some ideas that I've taken from bedroompedia.com that I think very cool. My favorite is this particular design which I think exactly like the Harry's room in Gryffindor dormitory of Hogwarts.

harry potter home decor

The next one is not a full recreation of Hogwarts room, but it's still have very strong Harry Potter feeling especially with Harry Potter wall and all of those decorations.

If you have some space beneath your stairs, you might as well try to recreate Harry's room while he lives with Vernon family.

harry potter home decor

If I can go back to my study days, I'm more than willing to have this kind of setup for my study room. I promise I will study harder if my parents let me study in a room like this.

Your Harry Potter home decor will never complete without Hedwig decoration. Here I found a cute Hedwig balloon. Kyaa, I want some of these so bad right now.

harry potter home decor
Taken from Pinterest

Finally, last but not least here's a photo frame that I really like. It said, "Keep Calm You're In Gryffindor".

Taken from Pinterest

That's all for this post regarding Harry Potter home decoration. I'm glad I post this because I found my old love to Harry Potter series. And now I want that Hedwig balloon!


  1. I especially like the first picture idea of the stairs and the third picture.

    1. Those are my favorite too.. ^^ but isn't the Hedwig balloon so super cute too??