Saturday, February 21, 2015

Kitchen Design Program

Today I will share with you some other kitchen design program that I've found. If you want more selection you can go to my previous post about online kitchen designer in here. However, today I'm not only share online tool but also some desktop ones. So, if you prefer desktop tool, this article is for you.

The first cool kitchen design program is from It's free and it has anything you need to model a 3D kitchen, from furniture even to decoration. The features is super easy to use. In fact, you can design your whole kitchen just in a couple minutes.

kitchen design program

The second program is called Kitchen Design Applet by Smart Pack. It's similiar to the one from Home Styler, but a little more difficult to use.

kitchen design program

And last program that I'm gonna show you is the desktop based program. It's Google Sketch Up. With this program, you need to start your kitchen from scratch. It's so useful if you want to design more detail and advance model that the rest program can't made for you.

kitchen design program

So, that's all of the program that I know will work the best as a kitchen designer program. I hope you find it useful. Till next time, bye.


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