Thursday, February 19, 2015

Designer Living Rooms bring the latest designer living rooms ideas. I love their idea of chic living room. Here's the step by step how to achieve designer living room.

#1 One Palette

Keep the color palette simple. For example, let's use soft stone shades such as grey, cement, and pale sandstone.

designer living rooms

#2 Texture and Materials

For a stunning yet textured feel, you can add various materials such as wool. You can add as many wintery woollens and cushion to add some warmth to the living room.

#3 Rich Fabrics Furniture

Since chic living room meant to be the coziest room in your home, then the furniture should be cozy too. Here's how the sofa should look like.

designer living rooms

#4 Cozy Lighting

Not so bright lighting add coziness that you need for your living room. Floor lamps and table lamps with some detailing will enhance the area, especially if it has a unique textured shades.

#5 Accessories

This last thing probably the most decisive aspect. If you select the accessories and decoration right, it should be add even more chic and luxurious feeling to it.

designer living rooms

So that's everything from tips wise, to make a designer living room on your own. Leave a comment below on which tips you like the most.

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