Thursday, February 19, 2015

Islands for Kitchens

Some good islands for kitchens are life. To have a good kitchen, you need some really good islands. Today I wanna share some ideas related to this matter. So without further do, here's top 10 islands for kitchens ideas that I've taken from Enjoy!

This one is made using any wood taken out during house renovation. It has fresh feeling to it and indeed beautiful.

The classic vintage dresser is also pretty. Plus this type of kitchen island can save many space.

Colorful and vintage looking, this one can be roll around wherever you need.

For copper lover out there, this one is for you. The side can be flip and unflip to give more space whenever needed.

I really love the idea of multipurpose furniture. It save spaces of course, but also very interesting to look at. For example this kitchen island that also can be used as book shelf.

I never seen anything like this. It's an open island. Surprisingly this will make taking pans very handy. If you arrange the pans correctly, it also acts like a decoration itself.

Again with multi-purpose furniture, this one acts as food prep in one side and area where kids can do drawing projects etc at the other side.

I saved the best for the last. This island have everything you could ever possibly need from a multi-purpose island. From kitchen sink, food area, and also working part which is separated from the main dining space. It's the perfect kitchen island that ever exist.

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