Monday, February 16, 2015

Irish Home Decor

Irish home decor is well known for the vintage look and feeling. There are many well-known designer when it comes to irish product, but my favorite probably is Jennifer Salttery of She is quite new but she's already known for her top quality textile design including Granny’s China, Dinner Party, and Tea Party range of printed and embroidered table linens, cushions, and upholstery. Here are some examples of her work. Isn't it beautiful?

irish home decor

irish home decor

The first cushion called Flora Cushion Royal Blue and the second one is Vase Cushion Aqua Marine. Even the name is unique and catchy. Another thing that catch my eyes from her collection is this colorful Granny New best range.

irish home decor tea towel
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I also like her cute design on these napkins. Now, say goodbye to a boring-looking napkins on the table and say hello to these beauties.

irish home decor napkin

irish home decor napkin

My favorite probably the second one with simply black and white design, called Granny's China. But I also like the first one which is just called Embroidered Irish Linen Individual Napkin.

And last  but not least, there's this tea tray cloth that I think is absolutely beautiful not only for tea time but you can also use this as a place mat. This one called Afternoon Tea Tray Cloth Spoon.

irish home decor tea tray cloth

So, what do you think? Do you also like this collection as much as I do? Who's your favorite irish home decor designer at the moment? Leave the name your favorite designer and why you love them in the comments section below because I'd love to check them out.


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