Saturday, February 14, 2015

Interior Design Help 911

Moving house soon? Or simply want to redecorate your home? Interior Design Help 911 is here to help. We have the ultimate guide of interior design. For a starter, here's 3 most important keys for a good interior design.

#1 Select a Color Scheme of Your Choice

The first and probably most important step that people tend to forget is to choose a color scheme before buying any interior pieces. 3 colors work best for scheming colors of your interior, since 1 or 2 is too boring. You can add a mixture of light color and dark color, but this rule is actually work well with any colors. For example, you probably decided to go with chocolate, grey, and teal color scheme. Here's an idea what your room will look like.

interior design help

Need another idea? Here's what your room going to look like with grey, white, and orange color scheme.

interior design help

#2 Have A Big Statement Furnite in One Room

You can't make a well-balanced room with only small pieces in there. You need one big statement furnite and later you can add smaller one to compliment the big one. For example, have a giant white sofa and then compliment it with white side table lamps and white-background picture frames.

interior design help

#3 Add Decoration with The Same Rule as #2

Decorate the room is also a tricky thing to do. You can't success with only small decorations put together. There must be one thing that stand out the most and then others just compliments. In the photo below, the main focus of the decoration is big flower vase in the table.

interior design help decoration

So those are 3 keys to remember to arrange a well-designed room, If you have other tips you can as well share it with us in the comments. And lastly, have fun arranging your interior.

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Picture #3 #4

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