Friday, February 20, 2015

Images of Kitchen Cabinets is a really cool site that provides you a lot of great images of kitchen cabinets. Today I will share some of the best stuff for you. Here I have the list of my favorite kitchen cabinet.

My best color is definitely black. I want a house with many black colors in it, kitchen is no exception. Black and white kitchen is the theme that I like the most for now.

Second best color is white. I love when kitchen with a clean feeling but still have a pretty design. And the good thing about white kitchen is that you can add decoration with any other colors as much as you want.

If you want to really go for a modern looking kitchen, choose grey color palette. It's pretty cool to have a grey kitchen.

A white kitchen with a pop of lime color isn't bad either. It looks tasty to look at, isn't it? I love that the wooden table and chairs go so well with this theme.

Another tasty looking color is definitely brown. White and deep brown color surprisingly go so well together. Brown kitchen is now my second favorite.

If you love woody kitchen, this one is perfect inspiration. The design is so chic and it let so much light through. Perfect for cooking.

Another woody kitchen but this one is more colorful. I love the baby blue ceiling, it's so fun to have in the kitchen. Okay so that's all that I want to share with you today. Hope you enjoy it and got some ideas from it.

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